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Ongoing Projects

Climate feedbacks and benefits of semi-arid forests (CliFF):

  1. DFG funded joined German-Israel project to understand the biophysical and ecophysiological mechanisms that underly forest survival at the dry timberline.

  2. The ecophysiological research focuses on soil and atmospheric drought as main limiting factors of tree functioning. In the climate research facility at KIT we study the survival of pine seedlings from the Yatir forest in Israel under future atmospheric [CO2] and extreme temperature conditions.

Effects of eXtreme weather events on Plant-Soil dynamics (EXPoSe):

  1. To quantify the effects of extreme heat and drought on water and carbon dynamics of black locust and Douglas-fir trees.

  2. Greenhouse experiment under controlled conditions at KIT. We apply a variety of techniques to answer our research questions, including chamber measurements of gas exchange and volatile organic compounds, sap flow and stem radius change.

Finished Projects

Simulating heat and drought effects under future conditions in a semi-arid pine forest using eddy covariance flux data and a a soil-plant-atmosphere model (SPA).